Thursday, April 10, 2008

Install and Uninstall Additional Fonts in Vista

Install a Font:

  1. Go to Start
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Select Appearance and Personalization
  4. Select Fonts
  5. Select File (if the File option is not visible, press the ALT key on your keyboard)
  6. Select Install New Font
  7. Select the drive where the fonts you are trying to add are located
  8. Select eh folder where your downloaded fonts are located
  9. Select the font that you would like to install
  10. Select Install

Uninstall a Font:

  1. Follow steps 1 - 4 above
  2. Select eh font that you would like to uninstall (to select multiple fonts, hold down the CTRL key then click each individual font)
  3. Select File
  4. Select Delete
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