Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tying: Brussels wants to know if Microsoft is putting pressure on manufacturers

Microsoft is currently the subject of an investigation by the European Commission concerning the integration of Internet Explorer in Windows to get the most out of your internet. Following the complaint of Opera, publisher of the eponymous browser, Brussels is trying to determine whether the practices of Microsoft harm competition.

To offer more freedom to users in their choice of browser, the European Commission intends in particular to ask the manufacturers to offer multiple applications.

Microsoft might try to influence manufacturers and Microsoft Intenet Explorer 8 : Flooded with complaints

According to Bloomberg, the manufacturers have received a questionnaire of nine questions on, inter alia, the Mariners to take into account and how to offer users the freedom of choice.

This choice could be made from a screen with several browsers in the market. The software would be preloaded on the PC or downloaded from a link on the selection screen.

But the question of the method is not the only interest the European Commission. In its questionnaire, it also contains three other questions intended to highlight potential pressure on Microsoft to PC manufacturers.

The European executive wants to find out if the publisher has contacted vendors to influence their position on how to propose several browsers on their computers. Questionnaires should be returned by Friday 12 June.

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